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1000kg x 5 Metre Ratchet Strap (25pcs)

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25x 5 metre x 25mm Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps with claw hooks,1Ton. 

Manufactured to Comply with EN12195-2 DIN60060 AS/NZS4380 
Product Information
Safety Factor –2:1
Lashing Capacity – 500 kg
Webbing Width– 25mm
M.B.S – 1000 kg
Fixed Length –0.3 m
A fantastic range of heavy duty ratchet straps suitable for a variety of tie down applications. Ratchet straps are used to secure loads for transit on flatbed trucks, in vans and lorries, etc. Our heavy duty ratchet straps have strength ratings of between 1000kg to 10000kg and come in lengths between 1m and 20m. In addition to the full ratchet strap sets we also stock just the webbing part with a hook and the ratchet handles only as well as ratchet strap protectors to protect your load
Ratchet straps offer one handed tensioning and an easy release buckle for effortless tightening and, once at their destination, releasing of your loads. The range of heavy duty ratchet straps are made from soft, yet hard wearing polyester webbing, so you can be assured that the ratchet straps will not damage the load but will ensure safe anchoring.  

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